What school didn’t teach me?

What I liked about my daughter’s primary school was they had a board with magnets with everyone’s name on and in the morning the children would go into class and put the magnets on the board where they matched. The board had a picture of a sun one side and rain the other it said happy and sad. 

This taught the children to start to think about how they feel.

I went through my life up until I was 30 unable to express my emotions, hiding them, not realising I had so many and unable to name them.

 This had all sorts of negative effects and came out sideways until I learnt to address it and express it.

How did I get there?

For me lots of therapy, different self help programs, I also don’t treat my moods with anything mind altering. When I started on my journey of self discovery it was very difficult and I was full of anger and rage. I attended anger management classes! Ha! I saw a feelings wheel for the first time, (I have attached one below for you to see). I looked up the meaning of emotional words in the dictionary. I learnt about them so I could name them and get the feeling associated with the mood.

Meditation was the best one for my anger rages.

When I meditate (and I try to everyday but again I’m not a robot! and life and children turn up!) all seems to be well in my world and I don’t I suffer and when I’m ok so are the people around me!

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