Support network.

One of the most important things I have in my life is a support network. What this means is I have three people in my life who I can call upon if I have a problem or a crisis. This works both ways too.

Three because it’s the magic number and when one is otherwise engaged one of the others is available.

I also have friends but I wouldn’t necessarily call them in a crisis.

Then I have acquaintances, neighbors and work colleagues.

I know a lot of people, however most of them don’t know what my favourite colour is. We just do the polite conversation thing. If that was it, my spirit would shrivel up and die.

I like depth and weight, out of the people I am closest to, I bare my soul. It’s intimate and I like intimacy. This is where I grow and so do they. It’s about being vulnerable and that’s a risk. To show myself and be honest about my negative traits and my love, takes courage, but it’s worth it….my support network helps me with my emotional nature without which I’d probably have an unhealthy crutch.

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