Probation alteration

I volunteered for a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction for years, during this time one thing I noticed was feelings drive most of people I met to alter the way they felt. If they are happy they would want to prolong it and if they were feeling anything negative they wouldn’t want to feel it at all!

The technique that’s in the book is what I used with most of my clients.

There was one young guy of 21 who was sent to us as part of his probation requirements. He was bright, good looking but had terrible anger issues. I taught him this technique, he was blown away at the simplicity of it. He said he’d been for previous anger management courses and they hadn’t taught him anything like this. He came in a really angry man and left calm. To watch him change his state by answering a few questions and being open minded has really stuck with me.

It was the same when I Tried it with my daughter for the first time, she was having a tantrum, i let her stamp about a bit and then i started to ask her the questions, there was absolutely no resistance with her, she just did it and the change was dramatically for the better. She went from tantrum to laughing in about a minute.

After seeing this I realised the normal layperson needs to educate their children on how easy it is to change moods. After working in the field of addiction, if this book makes even a slight difference to the number of addicts in the world, then I have done my job.

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