Perfecty normal

When I came out of corporate business and started navel gazing, I had two feelings- ok and really not ok!

We are constantly taught anger is bad in the media and that we should not feel negative emotions.
 It’s not nice to feel negative emotions, however it’s what we do with them that matters. It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to feel a whole myriad of emotions throughout the day!
Bad moods pass. They do HONESTLY!

When we’re in them it feels so big and strong and sometimes like it needs to be changed, that it’s never going to go away unless we do something about it. However, what I have learnt is -it’s not being in a bad mood that’s bad, it’s what we do, when we’ve got it, that can be!

Like trying to change it before its ready to go, by acting out our feelings – drinking, using drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, road rage, being horrible to someone (in therapeutic terms called kicking the cat!).

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