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There are many techniques I use to change my mood. One I really like and do from time to time is EFT. This stands for emotional freedom technique, I purchased a small book about it called ‘eft in your pocket by Isy Grigg’ ….. Eft really works and this is a really simple guide that gets a to the point. I felt slightly daft when I first did it and probably wouldn’t do it outside my home, but when I do it it really works.

Some other tools I use are Bach rescue remedy, clary sage essential oil in the bath and a good soak, different music for different moods, yoga, meditation, high impact cardio to get out anger….such as running or dancing. A long walk in Mother Nature, noticing what’s around you always works. There are may different ways to change your mood.

Even when we know what to do sometimes we need to be reminded as we can forget, when we are in that mood, it seems too big and overwhelming to move.

Remember motivation comes after you begin not before!

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