How it works


All our books are very simple to use, they require very little thought, in fact the less the better. They are instruction books for you to follow, page by page asking your child the questions on the page as you get to them.

Children use wonderment daily, it may seem strange for adults to interrupt their children’s tantrum with questions, maybe just give it a go and see what happens. Maybe you could even let your child work through it with you when you next have a hissy fit. Julie’s children do with her! Everyone can benefit from realising we are not our emotions, even if they sometimes feel overwhelming.


Know that just because your child is having a tantrum doesn’t make you a bad person. It can be scary because you may not know what to do. Our book is here to help guide you through a tantrum and educate you and your child about different moods.

Follow each page as an instruction, ask your children the question on the page and ask them to answer it out loud.

Until you have worked all the questions.

Repeat if necessary.

When the mood has changed and you’ve reached the last page maybe have a hug.

Life can be complicated…..we want to help you make it simple….and feel better.