The other day my daughter was upset with her brother, she was angry and wanted to hit him! One thing I didn’t realise (as I’m an only child) is that siblings can fight! My wish as a child was to have a brother or sister, I hadn’t equated that might end up in fights and squabbles!

I asked everyone I knew with more than one child, EVERYONE! At the school gates, at ballet, at nursery and everyone I asked said their children fought from time to time. This was a relief as I thought my children were the only ones that said they hated each other and fought every now and then. 

This particular day, Erin was so angry I sent her into my bedroom to chill out for a few minutes and told her that I would be in a minute and when I did I got the change moods book out and we went through it, she read it and answered her own questions, did the exercises and I just watched her and encouraged her.

The difference with her reading it and not me was great to watch. I could see her thinking about the different moods and feelings to see if they fitted to her or not. Afterwards we had a cuddle and I asked her if she felt better to which she said yes mummy I did.

What I observed by watching her go through the book was how intrinsically we know (once words that name emotions are explained to us) what emotions we feel.

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