Co sleeping and why

One of the main characters in book is the frightened little girl.

When I was little, I was terrified of the dark and sleeping alone. My parents went through years of trying to get me to sleep, driving me about in their car, inevitably when they got me out, I woke up. 

When I woke up at night I’d be literally frozen in bed because I felt the monster would get me, I wasn’t sure what the monster looked like, but it was in my room and it was always watching me. So I would lay there paralysed in fear until I could no longer stand not breathing anymore and I would jump out of bed turn the light on and run along the landing to my parents room where I would get into bed with them.

This went on and on for years and years and years, until I became educated enough to know that the monster doesn’t exist. It’s my fear. Fear IS the monster. The monster is in my head.

When I learnt about the attachment theory my own parenting style changed.

I do not want my children growing up like I did- frightened of everything. So I have to provide security and encouragement for them. Part of this means my children fall/ fell asleep with me. I see it as caveman mentality, everyone one would all sleep together for safety and protection.

There’s nothing new here, we just all got distracted by ‘progress’.

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