Keep it simple.

Life’s complicated. So I like to keep things a simple as possible, I like to break things down and get right to the point. When I was training as a counsellor, my tutor said by the end of this course you’ll say less but mean more. He was right. Politicians are the opposite, they say […]

Support network.

One of the most important things I have in my life is a support network. What this means is I have three people in my life who I can call upon if I have a problem or a crisis. This works both ways too. Three because it’s the magic number and when one is otherwise […]

Other help!

There are many techniques I use to change my mood. One I really like and do from time to time is EFT. This stands for emotional freedom technique, I purchased a small book about it called ‘eft in your pocket by Isy Grigg’ ….. Eft really works and this is a really simple guide that […]

The second book…..

When I get angry and I do get angry I use the technique in our second book. This is the most useful one to use alone! Today my daughter was angry and she was being unsociable with it, I asked her to go for some time out on her own to do the technique. She […]

Probation alteration

I volunteered for a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction for years, during this time one thing I noticed was feelings drive most of people I met to alter the way they felt. If they are happy they would want to prolong it and if they were feeling anything negative they wouldn’t want to […]

Step up, step up

In my last entry I used the mountain as an analogy, I like analogies as personally I get an understanding from them, more so than just theory. Somehow picturing it in my mind negates the use of words or even strengthens the understanding. It came to me to talk about the analogy about the mountain. […]

Passing clouds

I know about the therapeutic intervention I used in the book, as a similar technique was used with me when I was having counselling. As park of my counselling training we had to have 40 weeks of counselling ourselves, to be honest I had a lot more than 40 weeks. maybe I’m a slow learner […]