About Us

Founder Julie Squire

Julie is a psychotherapist who has an interest in social psychology, she saw a need for educating children on their emotions. After working as a counsellor with lots of different clients, she saw the majority of people cannot name their emotions and when a painful emotion arises in them, most people act out in some way i.e. drink alcohol, go shopping, roadrage, kick the cat etc.

A simple technique Julie learnt in her training, has changed a lot of her clients views on their emotional natures and she has been able to teach them how to change their own mood in seconds.

Julie tried the technique from our first book with her daughter (who was four at the time) in the middle of having a tantrum, it worked and instantly her daughters bad mood passed. Julie knew at that point there were other struggling parents, caregivers and teachers who needed to know this technique to help them change a terrible chaotic tantrum into a mood changing educational experience and decided to put it into a simple book for people to easily implement it into their lives. Find out more about her at


Natasha the illustrator

Natasha was thrilled to be given the opportunity to illustrate this series of books. The characters in the books have been kept clear and simple in order to appeal to children and adults alike. Natasha totally believes in Julie’s theory that problems can start from childhood and she feels pasionate that anything that positively supports parents in helping their children, should be embraced. She believes the books from the series Changemoods.com could benefit both parents and children. Being a mother herself, Natasha has come to realise that parenthood can be one of the most rewarding but also challenging roles at times. As the old cliche says “One of the hardest jobs in the world”